I am not receiving HeroOfGoods.com emails?

You will receive a series of emails in connection with your registration and membership at HeroOfGoods.com.

If you sign up for a membership, you will shortly after registration receive three emails: a welcome email, an order confirmation regarding the purchase of membership and an email explaining how to validate your profile.

If you sign up for a free basic membership, then you will receive one welcome email from us after signing up.

If you are missing any of these emails, it may be that the emails have ended up in your 'Spam' folder. Please check the folder to see if they are there. The sender of the emails will be: support@HeroOfGoods.com.

As outlined in the terms and conditions, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they can receive emails from us. If you do not find the emails that we have sent, please contact customer service.